Kamal Hassan Slammed the statement doing rounds


Kamal Hasan and Gautami are in news since two days after Gautami came out and announced about her split with her duo.  As soon as she posted an article about her breakup, a statement from Mr. Kamal came into light.

The social media turned upside down after the heartbreaking announcement from Gautami about her relationship breakup.  Kamal Hasan was tight lipped until a statement came out saying that ‘he respects Gauthami’s feelings and considers himself the luckiest father in the world and that he is ready to do whatever gives her comfort and solace.’

In the wake of the statement, Kamal has come out and announced through his twitter account that he has not issued any such statement and it is someone indecent who did it in his name.

Kamal Opens Up About His Split, Slams The Statement Doing Rounds

Referring his split with Gautami, he said ‘at this point in time, I am not issuing any statement.’   He said that someone was playing by issuing a statement in his name and called it as unethical.  He said that it was indecent of someone to play by issuing a statement in his name.

He came all the way to twitter to tweet about the statement that was doing rounds.  He tweeted in Tamil saying that “Someone has used my name and issued false statements.  This is unethical.  I do not want to comment on this.”

Kamal came out very strongly about the falsely statement that was going viral in his name and slammed it by saying it was not him who gave such a statement.  This issue has even dragged Kamal’s daughter Shruthi Haasan into frame.

Shruthi also issued a statement through her spokesperson that she is no way related in all these personal issues of Kamal.