Kalyan Ram Reveals His Present Financial Position


Film producer Kalyan Ram is getting prepared for his movie’s ISM release and notified fans about an interesting fact about the rumors surrounding the producer and actor’s financial crisis during the ISM’S promotional interviews.

Kalyan Ram Achievements 

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram owns the production company called NTR Arts which is named after his late grandfather, NTR. Kalyan Ram also happens to be the brother of the multi-talented and familiar Tollywood star Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao popular as Jr. NTR and called the Young Tiger of Tollywood. Apart from being a producer in Telugu Film Industry, Kalyan Ram also featured in many movies as the lead role. The most well-known movies that he has acted in include Athanokkade, Hare Ram and Pataas.

Kalyan Ram

Here’s what he said 

‘’ It was true that i spent little more than the estimated amount for ISM. But it was not true that i over spent the amount which i cannot afford. I been hearing news that Kalyan Ram was over and he is running into deep losses and unable to recover again but there is nothing like that and all are rumours, i am fine and if really i was in losses then why i will make films still?. ”

Having said that the Tollywood movie maker Kalyan Ram clarifies his financial position as a producer and that he was not in any kind of financial crisis as the rumor goes. He also said that if he likes a story he is willing to go ahead with the risks involved and spend the required money for the necessary project further adding that this proves his financial position to produce his own movies these days. The movie maker went on to add that hereafter he will start serious work on films done under other production banners also.

A little while more and we will see how the ISM movie will perform at the Box Office.