Indian Express Apologizes Mahesh Babu Fans for Floputsavam Article


Mahesh Babu Brahmotsavam | Apologizes Fans for Floputsavam Article

Mahesh Babu, the most handsome heroes in the Tollywood film industry has graced the fans with his latest flick Brahmotsavam which was released across the world on 22nd May 2016. All the fans and movie lovers have eagerly waited for the movie Brahmotsavam. There was a huge buzz around this movie and all the movie makers and entire movie unit has promoted the movie vigorously ahead the release.

But, after the release, like expected the movie acquired negative talk and it got trended with hashtag #Floputsavam. Also, some of them posted insulting memes and trolled Mahesh Babu with funny pictures on the social media and other micro blogging sites. Apart from all these, recently one of the popular news website Indian Express have published an article on the movie has extremely offended all the fans and adorers of Super Star Mahesh Babu.

Indian Express Apologizes Mahesh Babu Fans for Floputsavam Article

Indian Express Apologizes Mahesh Babu Fans for Floputsavam Article

Vasanth Kumar, one of the leading content writers of Indian Express has written that article hurting all the fans of Mahesh Babu. After that issue, Vasanth Kumar has been dismissed from the job and all the annoyed fans of Mahesh Babu demanded Indian Express to publish an article by making an apology to Mahesh Babu and the movie team on the front page.

After this incident, all the fans of Mahesh Babu took this issue to social media where they have shown their dissatisfaction and commenced supporting Mahesh Babu with hashtag #WeLoveMaheshBabu. Everyone, excluding Mahesh Babu Fans has shown their support towards the issue.

Indian Express has published an article on Mahesh Babu on 25th May, 2016 i.e., today showing their support to him and even stated it with #WeLoveMaheshBabu hashtag. Nowadays, it has become quite common for all the people on social media to form groups and trolling the celebrities with their funny memes, spoofs and short films. This incident might at least bring some change in such crazy people.