Hero Ram Pothineni breathes fire again!!


Hero Ram Pothineni breathes fire again!!

Hero Ram Pothineni breathes fire again

Since the release of “Pandaga Chesko” at box office, hero Ram is busy breathing fire on Piracy issue. Already he has released some fake-torrents overrun with virus into web to teach a lesson to people who are downloading pirated print.

“Mana kosam actors, actress, directors entho ‘kashtapadi’ Film thistaru.. valla kosam theatreslo matrame chusi mi istaani chuyinchandi. Kill Piracy”, said Ram today. additionally he suspect that people who are downloading piracy prints also are criminals. “Piracy is a Crime. Istamaina cinema ni istamaina theatrelo chudali bt not Piracy (Criminal) sites..ala chuse varu kuda criminals list untaru” he accused.

Ram ended that Pandaga Chesko is running with record collections at box office