Greeku Veerudu Movie Review


25CineFrames Rating : 2.75/5
Title :Greeku Veerudu (2013)
Star Cast : Nagarjuna, Nayantara, Meera Chopra
Director : Kondapalli Dasaradh Kumar
Producer : D Siva Prasad Reddy
Genre : Romance
Music : S. Thaman
Released on : May 03, 2013.

Greeku Veerudu Review : No horse..No sword…!

Experience is the best teacher. It teaches what to do, when to do and how to do. It also gives the discretion to distinguish between good and bad. If talent gets added to experience then opportunities flow and there is no stopping that journey. But the sad thing is, our experienced heroes, who can create their own opportunities, who can excel in any character are time and again going the wrong way and doing mistakes. What happened to their experience? Where have all the lessons they learnt gone? By seeing their pathetic situation audience are worrying. Just last week Venky disappointed with Shadow. It’s Nag’s turn now. Nag waged a war on Box Office with Greekuveerudu. Did Nag win in the battle. Did he use his experience and talent properly. Let’s find out.

Chandu (Nagarjuna) runs an event management company in America. He does not like relationships. He has no respect towards love. If he likes a girl, just enjoys with her and leaves. He lives far from his family in India. There is a flashback behind it. Chandu gets into a problem due to his company’s mistake. He has to pay 25 crores to his client (Aashsih Vidyarthi). Even if he sells his whole property in America he can’t pool up that much money. He leaves for India, with the intention of convincing his grandfather to give his share in the property, which is worth 25 crores. He plans to get out of the problem with that 25 crores. On his journey to India, he meets Sandhya (Nayanatara) in the airport and gets attracted to her. Sandhya believes that anything can be achieved with love. She works for Make-a-wish Foundation which works for realising the dreams of children who are on the threshold of death. Chandu gets close to everyone in India by faking affection. Grandfather agrees to give 25 crores to Chandu. Due to some cinematic reasons, Chandu lies that he is married. He asks Sandhya to act as his wife for three days. He promises to help Make-a-wish Foundation if she acts like that. Sandhya agrees for that Foundation. In these three days Chandu gets to know the value of relationships. Mentally he gets close to Sandhya. The pain of going away from Sandhya on one side and guilty feeling of lying to family members for money on the other side create conflict in him. Therefore he takes a decision. What’s it? What are the consequences of that decision? That’s the story?

Dasarath has good experience in dealing family relationships. He uses family atmosphere well in his movies. That’s the reason behind Santosham and Mr Perfect movies success. In fact, that might be the reason for Nag accepting this movie? ‘Problems would not get solved by keeping away from relationships. One should solve them by love and affection,’ is the point which Dasarath wanted to tell in this movie. Point is fine but Dasarath stumbled in presenting it. Dasarth has faltered in mixing characters’ psychological conflicts, emotions and engrossing scenes. We get a doubt, whether Nag listened to story before accepting this movie. Because there is nothing in this story which excites a person and convinces him. Nag might have thought, director will take in care in taking and might have okayed it. Moreover we don’t understand why makers have decided on Greekuveerudu title. Nag might have okayed this story for its cosmetic attractions like variety getup, America backdrop, lover boy concept.

Story shuttles between America and India. Story goes downward, the moment Nag starts marriage drama. Story totally gets out of track with his variety efforts to win Nayanatara’s heart in America. Nag’s adventures to impress make-a-wish foundation children, instead of bringing sympathy creates laughs. Brahmi, MS, Raghubabu, Kashi Vishwanath, Kota, Kaatraju, Dharmavarapu, Nagineedu, Meera Chopra, Benerjee, all these actors have just one or two scenes. Though Brahmi and MS appear for long time, failed in creating comedy. Kovai Sarala’s acting is routine.

This movie has been made with family audience in mind. But this much slow narration will not even impress them. Also it’s difficult to draw family audience to theatres as the ticket rates have also increased. It would have been better, if story was run in K Vishwanath’s home as a family drama rather than love story between Nag and Nayan. That would have endeared Greekuveerudu to family audience. This summer Shadow gave first stroke to audience. Nag followed it up with even bigger effect. Let’s see which hero will bring cool summer breeze.

25CineFrames Rating : 2.75/5