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Gopala Gopala Movie Review

25CineFrames Rating: 3.25/5

Release Date : JAN 10,2014
Starring : Daggubati Venkatesh,
Pawan Kalyan,
Shriya Saran
Director : Kishore Kumar Pardasany (Dolly)
Producers : D.Suresh Babu,Sharat Marar
Music Director   :   Anoop Rubens



Analyzation of Movie in Various Aspects:

Gopala Gopala is perhaps one of the most awaited films in the recent past. Starring heavy weights like Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan, this film is directed by Kishore Pardhasani and has hit the screens today. Let’s now see how the film is.

Story :

Gopala Rao(Venkatesh) is a cunning businessman who own a store which sells religious idols. He leads a simple life and does not believe in God. One fine day, he speaks ill about god and his presence in one of the events involving his wife(Shreya).
Twist in the tale arises when a sudden earthquake causes a huge devastation and his shop gets completely demolished. An upset Gopala Rao approaches his insurance company. Sadly, they turn him down terming it as an act of God. Left with no choice, an angry Gopala Rao decides to sue god in turn.
Rest of the story is as to how Gopala Rao manages to win this unique case, and where does Pawan Kalyan feature in all this set up.

Technical Aspects :

Camerawork in the film is clean and showcases the film in a good light. As said earlier, dialogues have a lot of depth and those mouthed by Pawan Kalyan in particular are simply superb. Screenplay is neat as the entire film runs on a single thread. Editing in the second half is below par as some scenes during the climax are a bit stretched out.
Director Dolly has done a decent job with the remake as he has retained the essence of the original and has narrated the film in quite a smooth way. Anup Ruben’s music is decent, but it is his background score which adds a lot of depth to the entire set up.

Plus Points :

Victory Venkatesh is apt in his role of an atheist, and carries off a mature character quite convincingly. The way he has performed in all the courtroom scenes is quite good. He brings in a lot of simplicity to the film, and all his scenes with Pawan Kalyan have been designed exceptionally well.
Yet another major highlight and best part of the film is Pawan Kalyan’s character. He is simply awesome as Lord Krishna, and carries the entire second half on his shoulders. Pawan brings in an emotional effect and all the dialogues that he mouths are well written and thought provoking. He has played his character with a lot of ease and is especially good in all the combination scenes with Venkatesh.
While the first half is quite simple, the second half is emotional and has an underlying message right till the end. Interesting aspect is that the film is narrated in quite an entertaining mode. Posani is hilarious in his swamiji’s role. Climax of the film is interesting and justifies to the concept of the film.

Minus Points :

A lot of Pawan Kalyan fans would agree to this that the screen time of their hero is a bit less in the film. Heroine Shreya has absolutely nothing to do in the film, and just appears in a few scenes. Bollywood superstar Mithun Chakraborty does not have much scope to perform in his negative role.
Length of the film is a tad long as some scenes in the climax could have been easily chopped off. The film gets serious in the second half and the entertainment level decreases a bit here.

Final Words :

On the whole, Gopala Gopala is a film which is made straight from the heart. It has an underlying message and is narrated in quite an entertaining way. Icing on the cake are the stunning performances by Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan which make this film a thought provoking entertainer during this festive season.

Overall 25CineFrames Rating : 3.25/5

Live Updates : shortly.. (Pls refresh for minit to minit updates)

05:40am : Small twist and movie ended with a god message…. Pawan Kalyan shows his best in this movie..

05:35am : Second hearing to court, Venkatesh may not prove the god is in live…..

05:30am : Movie heading towards climax…

05:20am : Venkatesh may realise on god and praying to god….

05:15am : Movie heading towards climax… Pawan Kalyan in god charecter is hilight till now….

05:10am : God Pawan Kalyan giving some messages to Society and Common people…

05:00am : Movie going slow down in second half..

04:55am : Nice comedy scenes are running now…

04:45am : Bhagvadgeeta scenes are running.. nicely narrated story….

04:40am : Pawan Kalyan trying to change Venkatesh moode on god….

04:35am : Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh song is going on nicely picturised…

04:30am : Some Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh routine scenes are running…

04:25am : Konni sarlu ravadam late avudemo gaani, Ravadam matram Pakka — God Pawan Kalyan

04:20am : Venkatesh thanking to God Pawan Kalyan… Bhale vachave time ki…

04:10am : Interval…

04:05am : God Pawan Kalyan saves Venkatesh family from goons…

04:00am : Power Star Pawan Kalyan The God entry….

03:55pm : Goons attack on Venkatesh and his family…

03:50pm : Some intresting scenes are running now…

03:5pm : People and swamiji’s are going againt Venkatesh complaint….

03:0pm : Venkatesh decide to give a complaint on god and the case appears in the court now…

03:35pm : Venkatesh shop damage cause is god said Vennela Kishore…

03:30pm : Vennela kishore entrance as insurance manager…

03:25pm : Venkatesh decide to cliam his insurance from insurance company…

03:20pm : Disaster in the city earth quake….. city escape from this incident but Venkatesh shop damaged….

03:15pm : Comedy scenes are running between Venkatesh and Shriya…

03:10 pm : Prasadam Kallki adukuni tinandi – Venkatesh wife…. inka nayam kalalo pettukomanaledu – Venkatesh….

03:05 pm : Venkatesh wife Shriya Sharan entry and she belives god….

03:00 pm : Venkatesh didn’t belive god, but he is selling the status of god.

02:55 pm : Comedy scenes between Venkatesh and comedians….

02:50 pm : Voctory Venkatesh nice entry as common men….

02:45 pm : Titles started with the background gopala gopala logo banner… nicely background music from anoop rubens

02:40 am : Hi 25CineFrames Followers, we are bringing the Pawan Kalyan Venkatesh Multi starrer gopala gopala live updates for you.

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Hilights :

– Main asset is the Story

– Pawan Kalyan as God Charecter

– Venkatesh as common man charecter

– Shriya Sharan’s wife role

– Comedy scenes

– Interval bang

– Second half

– God message

– Small twists

– Climax


Victory Venkatesh is a non-believer of God and he belives work is god. His wife (Shriya Sharan) belives god. Venkatesh is looking like a common men and he runs a shop and it affected by earthquake. Venkatesh goes to insurance company to get insurance for his shop, but insurance company peopls rejects his request of insurance.

Venkatesh decided to file a case against God. Insurance Company made it clear saying that it is God’s responsibility to compensate him for his losses. In a court Venkatesh argues his own case, because of he didn’t belive any laywer. Many people oppose Venkatesh at that time.

God enters as a common man, and he introducing as Krishna that is none another then Power Star Pawan Kalyan. God entered in to Venkatesh life and after and what God want to give message to common peopls and society and why he came to earth? is the rest of the story.

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