Gas Cylinder blast in Actor Naresh’s house


Gas Cylinder blast in Actor Naresh’s house

Gas Cylinder blast in Actor Naresh's house

Tollywood actor, senior Naresh, encountered a tough situation in Hindupur region. He has been living in a house with his family in Hindupur region. It seems that when all the people in the house were sleeping at night, cylinder in the ground floor got blasted. All the people in the house were shocked for a second and got panic with the sound.

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As no one was in the ground floor at that time, no one was injured. 5 lakhs worth goods was damaged and the reason for the blast is yet to be known. Furniture got destroyed and few film making equipment, which were in the ground floor were destroyed in this blast.

Fire Engines rushed to the spot and control the raising fire. No serious injuries were observed and the entire family was in safe condition.

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