Finally, Samantha reacts on Comedian Ali’s comments


Finally, Samantha reacts on Comedian Ali’s comments

Finally, Samantha reacts on Comedian Ali's comments

During the audio success operate of S/O Satyamurthy in Vijayawada, Tollywood’s star comedian Ali created few comments on Samantha’s figure, that created a minor storm. Anchor Udayabhanu asked Ali what’s the simplest feature that he likes in Samantha and Ali replied in his typical vogue, Samantha’s waist which has the size of Benz Circle.

Soon, social media was buzzing regarding Ali’s indecent and sexist remarks against one among Tollywood’s lead actresses. whereas many folks ventilated out their dissent on Ali, Samantha kept quiet regarding the incident. Finally, the attractive beauty unfolded on the problem at a media interaction throughout the success meet of S/O Satyamurthy these days.

Speaking to the press, Samantha said that she has no problems with Ali’s comments since he’s a really smart friend which he should created those comments in an exceedingly lighter vein. samantha went on to mention that Ali could be a terribly respectful person which he respects girls, youngsters and everybody and even said that he can never pass any uncomplimentary comments wishfully. samantha additional said that she did not even invoke Ali since there’s nothing a lot of to debate regarding his comments. Well, would like everybody has such an understanding friend like Samantha.