Fanmade Video: Difference Between Pawan Kalyan and Jr. NTR goes Viral


Fanmade Video: Difference Between Pawan Kalyan and Jr. NTR goes Viral

Fanmade Video Difference Between Pawan Kalyan and Jr. NTR goes Viral

We are all well known that Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Young Tiger Jr.NTR are 2 top stars in Tollywood film industry.Power star Pawan kalyan and Jr.NTR once again proved their genuine characters.Recently Attarintiki Daredi movie has leaked into the internet before movie release in theaters.In film industry so many celebrities show their sympathy on This film producer B.V.S.N Prasad But pawan kalyan and Jr.NTR once again shows their characters. Pawan kalyan return back all his remuneration which he has taked for Attarintiki Daredi movie.Pawan takes 9 crores rupess for this movie and Jr.NTR declares i am ready to do a film with B.V.S.N Prasad with out taking of any remuneration.These both heroes once again showed their genuine character.Let us all appreciate Pawan kalyan and Jr.NTR.but a video is going viral from these days

If we observe Pawan and Jr.NTR clearly, we can say that there are several similarities between both of them strived hard to get success in the industry and both of them don’t like to depend on others for fame.

Difference Between Pawan Kalyan and Jr Ntr

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The only difference that can be seen between the two is the selection of heroines. Pawan Kalyan generally selects new models and aspiring heroines while Jr.NTR goes for director’s choice and to give entertainment for his fans. It is very clear from Yesterdays Temper Audio Release. Pawan Kalyan fans created a video comparing Pawan Kalyan and Jr. Ntr way of speech and their mind set. This video became viral in social media.
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Jr. Ntr Asking Rajamouli for Movie Chance:

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In Attarintiki Daredhi Audio function “Ali is like my heart. Without Ali my movies will not be there,” said Pawan Kalyan about his friend famous comedian Ali. As Pawan Kalyan wants his best friend Ali to be act in every Film its because of their Rapo. Similarly S.S.Rajamouli & Jr Ntr are very best friends from so long years so he asked S.S.Rajamouli to make a film with we are saying that keep calm and dont fight. Just wait for FEB 13 for Temper movie Release

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