Exclusive : I Will Sit In Pawan Kalyan’s House For Justice – says Hema


Exclusive : I Will Sit In Pawan Kalyan’s House For Justice – says Hema

I Will Sit In Pawan Kalyan's House For Justice - says Hema

The election for Telugu Movie Artistes Association (MAA) has been the point for the past few days because the 2 teams in rivalry – Jayasudha Panel and Rajendra Prasad Panel – are crossing the swords against each other.Today Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) Elections are completed. Taking this to new level, Artist Hema from Jayasudha panel has lodged police criticism against actor Shivaji Raja alleging that the latter has created “demeaning” comments against her in an exceedingly TV NEWS channel discussion.

Hema filed criticism with Madhapur station on Sat night and told media, “Shivaji Raja has delineate me as Tuppu Pattina Yantram (Rusted Machine) within the TV channel discussion. however may he created such comments against a woman? i am going to not leave it here till justice is delivered to me. Tomorrow, the problem are going to be concerned to veterans like Dasari Narayana Rao and they’re going to take the ultimate turn the matter. i am going to meet Chiranjeevi Garu and even go and sit in Pawan Kalyan gari house for the justice. Kalyan Garu is understood for delivering justice, i am going to raise him to intervene within the matter. what is my mistake within the whole issue? I simply told Sivaji Raja to initial take care of his parents before returning to serve to movie Artistes. If i am verified guilty, i am going to apologise in public.”

With the elections returning to conclusion purpose as Sunday is that the D-day, the war of words between the 2 teams escalated. For the past few days, each teams are levelling serious allegations against one another either through press conferences or through live TV shows. Actors Shivaji, Rajendra Prasad ar nevertheless to react on the problem.