Criminal Case Filed on Actress Shruti Haasan in City Civil Court


Criminal Case Filed on Actress Shruti Haasan in City Civil Court

Criminal Case Filed on Actress Shruti Haasan
Picture House Media Ltd, a number one media and entertainment house based mostly out of chennai and Hyderabad has initiated Civil and Criminal Proceedings against heroine Shruti Hassan.

Shruti Hassan once stepping into a written agreement agreement to be the feminine lead during a bilingual leading Nagarjuna and Karthi directed by Vamsi Paidipalli has reneged on her written agreement obligations. She has at random force out of the project citing dates clash as a flimsy excuse. The dates were reciprocally mentioned together with her and schedules were planned around her convenience. The aforesaid film has commenced its shoot and 1st schedule was completed and unexpectedly Shruti sent through an email that she needed to exit the project.

This unethical and inexpert act of Shruti Hassan has resulted in Picture House Media Ltd acquisition monetary also as name loss. although the loss is running into many crores, it’s the loss of your time and name that’s important as a result of the schedules of all different artists who have committed their dates are discontinuous .

With an intention of making certain that such unprofessional perspective isn’t continual and to shield the interests of its varied stakeholders, Picture House Media Ltd has initiated each civil and criminal proceedings against Shruti Hassan and therefore the Honourable decide has taken knowingness of this civil offence and issued an injunction restraining her from signing any new film till additional orders. For the criminal offence, Police are ordered to analyze the matter.

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Criminal Case Filed on Actress Shruti Haasan Order