Comedian Ali cheated us


Comedian Ali cheated us

Ali cheated us

Naga babu has once more confirmed that he can solely support Rajendra Prasad for the post of Movie Artists Association (MAA) president. He aforesaid that he’s supporting Rajendra Prasad as he’s terribly seasoned and goodhearted.

About the allegations of Jayasudha’s panel that Rajendra Prasad’s panel is resorting to threats from political leaders, Naga babu aforesaid, “They are spreading rumours that we tend to are threatening them, once we questioned the association concerning numerous problems. it’s Murali Mohan, who said that we must always offer chance to new members at this time. therefore we’ve got supported Rajendra Prasad and felt that he are going to be nonappointive unanimously. however suddenly Jayasudha came into the scene. Murali Mohan asked me do not support Rajendra Prasad”.

Sivaji Raja aforesaid that he’s resigning as the general secretary, however still support Rajendra Prasad. He said “I won’t attend the association for 2 years. i prefer Rajendra Prasad abundantly. we’ve got asked him to contest as MAA president.He is a really good person and his solely intention is to serve the Telugu Film Industry. we tend to all are with Rajendra Prasad. we could not perceive what’s happening currently. we did not expect that Ali will also cheat us”.

Uttej said that he’s resigning as joint secretary attributable to personal reasons and there’s no pressure on him.