Chuttalabbayi Review Rating Story Talk – Aadi, Namitha Pramod


Chuttalabbayi Review

25cineframes Rating: 3/5

Release date August 19th, 2016
Starring Aadi, Namitha Pramod
Director Veerabhadram Chowdary
Producers Venkat Talari
Music Director SS Thaman


Chuttalabbayi Movie Review Rating

Chuttalabbayi is an upcoming movie of Aadi directed by Veerabhadram Chowdary.  The movie got released on 19th August, 2016.  The movie features Namitha Pramod in the female protagonist role.  She has previously acted in Malayalam and Tamil movies.  John Kokkin is essaying the antagonist role in the flick.  The movie is produced by Venkat Talari and music is composed by SS Thaman.

Chuttalabbayi Movie Story

The movie kick starts with showcasing car robberies.  Aadi makes a simple entry in the flick.  Chuttalabbayi is about a youngling who returns to village to meet his father after long time.  He meets young lass and gets involved in something, which makes audience laugh.  The rest of the story will be how he handles and solves the problem in his hand.  In the second half, Saikumar will be seen in an important role.  This is a full on entertainer that has all commercial elements that every moviegoers looks for in a movie.  The movie has got two female leads, Namita Pramod and Yamini Malhotra who did gave a good performance.  Aadi is sharing the screen with his actor father Sai Kumar for the first time.  It can be said that Aadi did not give a good attention to the script.  This family entertainer is missing a lot in terms of commercial elements.  Though Aadi performed well in the flick, it may not get the full attention for him as the script and screenplay is lacking quite a lot.

Plus points

  • Aadi gave a commendable performance. He did improve his skills in acting which can be witnessed on screen.
  • Heroines looked beautiful and gave good performance.
  • Sai Kumar role was well sketched in the flick.
  • The movie has unexpected twists.

Minus points

  • The film failed to produce good comedy. The comedy could be much much better.  Mediocre comedy.
  • Though there are twists, they failed to hook the audience.
  • Time-worn action episodes.
  • The story is nothing new and same repeated old story.

Technical aspects

Thaman’s music could be better and is not up to the mark.  Production values were fine and the dialogues, cinematography and action in the movie were good.

Final Verdict

Chuttalabbai is definitely a good try from Aadi.  He is seen in a role that is different from his previous roles.  The female lead, direction and screenplay are quite a drag.

Chuttalabbayi Rating : 3/5