Chiranjeevi’s Sister Class To Sweta Basu Prasad


Chiranjeevi’s Sister Class To Sweta Basu Prasad

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Chiranjeevi’s Sister Class To Sweta Basu Prasad

This was the first reaction of Kushboo who played Chiranjeevi’s sister in Stalin Movie.

We can say Tamil actress Kushboo as one of the Tamil cinema celebrities who is not hesitating to announce what ever they are thinking in mind about the society; plus and minuses in the society. On that way, Tamil actress Kushboo has made few Twitter messages to all her followers with strong words on the Prostitution case arrests followed by the recent arrest of Tamil actress Swetha Basu.

When Tamil actress expressed her thoughts about the arrest of actress Swetha Basu in a prostitution case she said:

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When ever a girl / actress prostitution cases are coming through the media, the photo of the girl with her face is getting captured and spread through the media. But why the face of the boy who is getting arrested in the same prostitution case from the same hotel or other place is hidden from the media completely? The man who is involved in a prostitution case has the equal part in the case that much the girl has on the case or not?

If doing prostitution is a punishable crime, then do arrest the man who took part in the same activity when arresting a girl in a prostitution case on the same act against prostitution. The man who is involved in

the prostitution case he should be punished under IPS for receiving the prostitution service from a girl.At a point of view the man who is involved in the prostitution activity must be punished stronger than how a prostitute girl / actress is being punished. Because a man is the one who is using the bad financial situation of a women / girl and getting the sexual pleasure.

Earlier actress Swetha Basu had said that she was forced to do prostitution only because of her bad economical situation and lack of cinema opportunities. For this sentence from Swetha Basu, Kushboo has said that, this kind of excusing reasons can not be accepted. Because there is a lot of actresses being here with very few cinema opportunities, but every one have not gone for the prostitution business. They are doing the TV serials and doing some side actress roles in cinemas itself.

Leaving those options and going and taking prostitution as the profession is not an acceptable reason. We shall remember that some of the cinema directors said that they are ready to give cinema opportunities to Swetha Basu, on hearing that Swetha Basu was mentioning economical situation as the reason.

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Kushboo has been appreciating the articles from the internet that has high potential of supporting her views on the Prostitution arrests. Not only Tamil actress Kushboo, but also the Bollywood actress who has acted with Tamil actress Swetha Basu has also expressed her emotions that why should all the media focus on the girl but not on the man / boy who is getting arrested in the prostitution case? Where is the photo of the business man who was involved in prostitution when Swetha Basu was arrested?