Chiranjeevi’s Close Aide says Legalize the Prostitution


Chiranjeevi’s Close Aide says Legalize the Prostitution

Chiranjeevi's Close Aide says Legalize the Prostitution

Prostitution has been a nasty and untouchable word since several centuries and therefore the current generation has continued identical trend. With the atrocities against the ladies reaching their peak purpose, the full society ought to brainstorm and are available up with some measures to deal with this burning issue. A discussion was control relating to identical and Congress MLC – C Rama Chandraiah has created some sensational comments at the event.

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“If these rapes against ladies may be attenuated by giving approvals to prostitution houses, why cannot we have a tendency to do that? permitting the men to own their secret needs consummated with the assistance of some sex-workers would possibly lower their urge to attack a typical lady,” said Chandraiah who is additionally a close aide to Megastar Chiranjeevi. He instructed that associate in-depth discussion has got to happen within the state then return to a conclusion.

Though the comments looked disputed, they’re accepted by varied parties at the event. let’s examine if this may ignite a brand new topic for discussion in each the Telugu states and address the intense issue of “attacks and rapes on girls.”