AlluArjun Opens up about # Cheppanu Brothers


AlluArjun Opens up # Cheppanu Brothers

The Chepannubrother’s controversy has become the talk of the town. In the whole matter, Allu Arjun remain silent and did not say any word related to the matter.

The war between the brothers AlluArjun and PawanKalyan was getting heated and AlluArjun decided to remain mute .but finally, he decided to say on the matter at OKA MANASU audio release event held at Hyderabad . He remained optimistic towards whole issue and gave positive statements hoping to end the fan war.

On questioned about why he remained silent? when fans are portraying to speak up, AlluARjun answered that some group of power star fans are wantedly looking to spoil the audio – release event and he didn’t wanted this to happen and so he zipped his mouth.

AlluArjun Opens up about # Cheppanu Brothers

Besides, Bunny request PawanKalya’s fan to remain calm and allow them to speak their feelings and also related to PawanKalyan. Not to prolong the matter further,  Bunny says the director has also got the right to speak up what he feels and it’s a sense of humanity to respect that by fans.

Chiranjeevi , the megastar, has showed ways for other heros of the mega star family. All the credit goes to chiru for what they are today. PAwan kalian has also agreed to this more than 100 times that the credit where he is today goes to Chiranheevi- says Allu arjun.

All this controversy has lead to the dissapointmnet among the Megastar family where AlluArjun expressed his disastration on his and pawankalyan’s fans to public the entire matter in social networks.

As the word of mouth is dangerous, Allu arjun clarifies on the mis-interpretation happened and shared his view on why he remained silent in the interviews and news.