Akhil Akkineni was Deeply Disappointed by Nagarjuna?


Akhil Akkineni was Deeply Disappointed by Nagarjuna
Akhil is deeply disappointed. And what is MAIN reason behind Akhil’s disappointment is his own father Nagarjuna’s call to postpone.

Apparently, all isn’t well between Akhil and Nagarjuna for the past few days. As soon as Nagarjuna created a choice to defer the release of Akhil, Akhil was said to be upset. Akhil reportedly did not talk over with anyone for 2 days once the postponement of film. In fact, once Nagarjuna known as Akhil, he did not choose his decision. Actually Akhil was supposed to attend the press conference about film’s postpone however he did not as he wasn’t attended. Hence, Nagarjuna attended the press conference to create a proper statement.

In fact, recently, Akhil stated that his father isn’t his favourite actor that shocked many as well as die-hard fans of Akkineni clan. Also, rumours are rife that Nagarjuna’s call to delay Akhil is supposed to “help” his friend Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan’s film bruce lee that was also slated for Dasara release.

On whole, the contemporary rumours of a possible rift between father and son have lighted many speculations within the tinsel city. it is time for Nag and Akhil to come out to set the record straight.