24’s Special Screening for B Town Biggies


24’s Special Screening for B Town Biggies

As per the latest film news, the most awaited movie of the Suriya 24 has finally hit the screens across the globe to some good reports. The movie has received a good positive response from the audience and the Suriya fans from all over the Telugu, Tamil Industries and across the world. As the movie is getting great review from the people as well as critics, many of the Bollywood Agencies is said to be showing interest towards the film and they are planning to make the remake of the film in Hindi as per the latest buzz that is circulating in the film industry now. Recently, it is known that a special screening of the film has been arranged to one viewer Taran Adarsh who has few good things to tell about the movie. Let us know more about the screenings that are going to take place for the movie 24 and all its details from the below given information.

24's Special Screening for B Town Biggies

Special Screening of the Movie 24 for Celebrities

Apart from the special screening of the movie to Taran Adarsh as viewer, it is also known as per few reports that, some more screenings for the movie are going to be arranged for the selected bigges or celebrities as well as for multi-national production houses which is a good thing to here and that shows the capability of the movie.

24 Movie Remake in Other Languages

Things were going pretty good for this 24 movie as the subject matter and theme of the movie has been quite universal and it is told that the movie can even be made in any language. Soon, it is expected that this movie would be remade in the Bollywood and other leading industries too. Once the rights of the remake of 24 movie are sold, then it would be really interesting to watch regarding who would be acting in the male lead role of the movie.