1 Nenokkadine Movie Review


1 Nenokkadine Movie Review : Great Intellectual Thriller


25CineFrames Rating: 3/5

Release Date : 10/01/2014
Starring : Mahesh Babu,Kriti Sanon
Director : Sukumar
Producers : Ram Achanta,Gopichand Achanta,Anil Sunkara
Music Director   :   Devi Sri Prasad
User Rating :   [starrater]



Analyzation of movie in various aspects:

Super Star Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon starrer 1 Nenokkadine has hit the big-screens today on a grand scale worldwide. For the first time, Sukumar has directed Mahesh Babu and the latter looked quite stylish in the promos. The film is a psychological action thriller made lavishly.

In this movie Mahesh is differently seen in a serious and new look. It justifies the comments as a gigantic project. The center of attraction of the movie are said to be the action scenes and chases. Peter Haynes should be commended for his best efforts. Heroine justified her role. Comedy is the minus point of the movie.

Director Sukumar put in his best efforts to carve the movie a masterpiece. The movie narration is too good as there are many twists. Even this movie has proven as director’s fantastic choice.

Type Of Movie (Genre) :


Story :

1st Half: Mahesh Babu is a Rock Star having fans worldwide. But he has Problem i.e., he does not remember anything. He forgets things immediately. He feels like he did something but he does not do anything and He thinks he did not do anything but he does something. Mahesh will be attacked by a gang and he escapes from them when they tried to kill him. Later Mahesh will follow the vilan and kills him. This video will be shot in cam by TV reporter Shruti (heroine). Heroine Shruti is a TV channel reporter of iNews. But Shruti will not see anyone except Mahesh in the video when played again which is the first shock Sukumar gives his audience. After that incident Mahesh could not concentrate on music and every one looks at him like a lost man. After Mahesh will move to Goa. Then heroine starts being back of the hero. Another gang follows him in Goa also and attacks him in an attempt to kill but murder attempt fails and Mahesh will escape from the threat. This time also Mahesh will kill the Vilan. This is the second time Sukumar gives again a twist to audience. It would be excited to watch the suspense twist on the screen than to know it here. Audience have to watch it on the screen and enjoy the thrill.
2nd Half:
Here the sad thing is story turns more complex with many confusions in the second half for common audience. Mahesh Babu trying find his own flash back is the main story line of the movie. Mahesh starts hunting the murderers of his father. Action scenes in this 2nd half are very impressive in Foreign Countries. Pre-Climax having twists and having good sentiment too. Finally Climax has good Justification .

2nd Half is good but not as expected. Slowpaced scenes. The rich and grandeur locations with Action scenes are the major positives…!!

Technical Aspects :

Ratnavelu’s cinematography is a big asset for the movie. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is quite mediocre for the film, but he has done a better job with the background score and it seems that he is inspired by John Powell’s work for the Bourne series.The visuals shot in London and Ireland look superb.

Direction is a big minus for the film by making this film complex to understand. Dialogues are quite mediocre and Editing is also not up to the mark.  The production unit spent almost two years on this movie and this is quite surprising, as there is nothing spectacular to justify the amount of time and money spent on the film.

Plus Points :

  • Mahesh babu and his Son Gautham
  • Cinematography by Ratnavelu
  • Action Scenes

Minus Points :

  • Screen Play
  • Complex Plot
  • Too Many Chase Sequences
  • Entertainment

Final Words :

1-Nenokkadine is a different movie with a different plot which is Hi-Tech Psychological Action Thriller.Don’t expect comedy (but has good inline comedy) or any regular commercial elements in the movie.Watch it for  a new era in  film making and Superstar’s super performance..!! .You Will Love The Movie if you are able to sync Sukumar’s intelligence

Overall 25CineFrames Rating: 3/5